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Events & Activities

Leveraging our in-depth and comprehensive backgrounds throughout a variety of disciplines and programatic interests, SNW will continue our offerings from 2022, to include:

NASA International Space Apps Challenge, Seattle
NASA's annual Space Apps Challenge connects our local tech and space communities in a global 48-hour hackathon. The Seattle event is a place where technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, students, designers
, and storytellers come together to use space agency data to create solutions improve life on Earth and our future in space.

Techstars Startup Weekend - Seattle - Spa
Techstars Startup Weekend Space is an exciting and immersive foray into the world of space-related startups. Over an action-packed three days, you connect with mentors, investors
, and co-founders who can help you learn and exercise the fundamentals of launching a space startup.


Space Entrepreneurs - Seattle
Space Entrepreneurs is a community of professionals looking to network, learn, and be inspired at the crossroads of space and business. Through a series of educational events and programs, Space Entrepreneurs aims to support professionals on the their journey through space entrepreneurship.

Space Data Hacke
Space Data Hackers is a community for people who love data and space. We host speakers from the industry, share knowledge
, and build skills for using data to solve problems for our communities, businesses, and the world.

Marketing Campaign
Raise awareness of the PNW space industry and the Space Northwest organization. Focus story telling on innovation, innovators, and societal benefits. Blogs, articles, press, social media, interviews, speaking. Targeted at public, industry, legislators.

Drive organization-level strategic partnerships with other complementary organizations, including VCs, accelerators/incubators, trade & economic development groups, academic organizations.

             COMING IN 2024!
SNW aims to conduct funded/sponsored research on important space industry topics related to space entrepreneurship, innovation, and long-term success of commercial development and exploration of space.

Contingent on funding, SNW will explore developing or partnering to develop a space Incubator/Acce
lerator in the PNW.


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