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Space Northwest connects, educates and inspires individuals, corporations, and communities in the Pacific Northwest and beyond to foster Space Innovation and Exploration for the benefit of life on Earth and our future in space.

The bones of a powerful innovation engine exist today in our region in a disconnected fashion. There is adequate talent, expertise, and resources, but they tend to exist in silos. Our purpose is to provide programs that build the connective tissue and muscle that will enable the community to reach its fullest potential.


The primary gaps in the current state we seek to address are:

  • Breaking down the silos that currently exist between the startup community, space community, academic community, and mature technology companies

  • Building, attracting, and retaining a strong STEM workforce across the spectrum of space innovation needs – from manufacturing technicians to aerospace and AI researchers to space entrepreneurs

  • Increasing representation of women, African Americans, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders in space endeavors and STEM in general by using space innovation to address community needs

Space Northwest Longterm Goals and Objectives


Academic & Corporate Development 

  • Building community amongst space-focused

      organizations, departments, and individuals

  • Developing a robust ecosystem of partnerships

      in support of technology innovation and


  • Providing a shared voice on important and

      essential issues


Workforce Development

  • Working to grow a diversified and talented cross-functional engineering and technical workforce 



  • Supporting space Incubator and Accelerator activities 

  • Collaborating with or developing a Shared Testing Site 


Marketing & Public Relations

  • Attracting federal programs (e.g., NASA, Space Force)

  • Branding the region as a prominent space region

  • Marketing the region and its constituent states for industry retention, growth, and attraction

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

  • Being a beacon of inclusion and diversity

  • Engaging with the venture capital community and connecting them to innovative space companies

  • Making space accessible for all

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