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Get Involved with Space Northwest

Whether you are just embarking on your career journey in space, are actively running a space company, or want to support the growth of the industry, there is a place at Space Northwest for you. Read below to learn more about opportunities for volunteering and mentorship.

Benefits of volunteering and mentorship
The mission of Space Northwest is to connect humanity's future in space with the synergies of the Pacific Northwest. As a volunteer or mentor, you'll not only contribute to our mission but also become part of a dynamic community. You’ll make new connections with passionate, like-minded people — sometimes even NASA astronauts! 

Volunteers and mentors support programs like Space Apps Seattle, Startup Weekend Space, Space Entrepreneurs, Space Data Hackers, and more.

Open roles

  • Organizer: Coordinate logistics for a hackathon-style event including booking inspirational speakers, signing up sponsors, and coordinating a small team of enthusiastic volunteers. You’ll be able to lean on Space Northwest leaders and past event organizers for guidance, too.

  • Mentor: Provide guidance to teams building projects at events or speak on a relevant topic such as data science, computer science, public speaking, and more.

  • Sponsor recruitment: Sponsors help us host events that are inclusive, not expensive, for participants. Ensure a positive and educational experience at our programs by ensuring in-kind contributions or direct financial support.

  • Marketing and promotion: Write email and social campaigns to encourage signups and communicate important information or create graphics to get people excited.

  • And much more: Volunteers can take on all kinds of jobs including creating resources for participants, crafting prizes, taking video and photography, and supporting events onsite.


Space is for everyone

Space Northwest is committed to making space accessible for all. We believe recruiting volunteers from a diversity of backgrounds helps make our programs more inclusive for participants.


Interested in one the above roles or want to help in another way? Use the contact form below and someone from our team will get back to you soon.

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