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with the synergies of the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest's Space Industry Played a Key Role in the Genesis of Space Exploration and into the 21st Century.

Space Northwest Aims to Keep it That Way.

The future of humanity points to space – to open new frontiers, preserve our fragile planet, and bring us together. From the early days of the Apollo program to the achievements of innovators such as Blue Origin and SpaceX, space has inspired young professionals in the Pacific Northwest to pursue STEM careers and created technologies that we rely upon every day. 


Space Northwest seeks to build upon the rich legacy of the Pacific Northwest’s more than 60-year space economy through innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship and build bridges to innovative careers for all.


We seek to strengthen and grow the Pacific Northwest’s established and developing space communities and attract new space interests. Through coordinated efforts with key stakeholders, we will advance a set of 12 strategic objectives that cover entrepreneurship, workforce development, marketing, and public relations, academic and corporate partnerships, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA).

Initially, Space Northwest activities will be conducted across Washington state, later expanding into the three contiguous states and one non-contiguous state in the region making up the Pacific Northwest: Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska, respectively. From inception, our various programs will focus on local, state, and regional communities. Over time, we will establish both national and global reach with our messaging and engagement. 


Washington state’s space ecosystem is viewed globally as a growing and evolving commercial space economy positioned for accelerated growth over near-and-longer terms. Washington’s space community enjoys a strong and engaged multi-sector system made up of large, medium, and small established OEMs; start-ups; suppliers; higher education; research facilities; manufacturing training facilities; related industry associations; entrepreneurs; downstream vendors; and associated sectors such as defense, civil, national security, and technology. 


During the Apollo program, three Lunar Roving Vehicles were built at the Boeing Space Center in Kent, Washington. They each operated successfully on the Moon as part of Apollo missions 15 thru 17 and are still on the moon to this day. The rovers were designated as Washington State Historical Landmarks in 2020.

We see a dramatic shift in the next two to five years when Blue Origin's New Glenn and Orbital Reef, and SpaceX’s Starship and other new launch technologies are available and large volumes of payload are able to be sent to new destinations around the solar system. 


The current space workforce is inadequate to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this new paradigm. Space companies in the Pacific Northwest are struggling to fill key roles, especially engineering and technical positions. We also must increase representation of women and people of color in space endeavors and STEM careers in general. We can do this by using space innovation to address community needs.

We must still think of ourselves as pioneers to understand the importance of space.

Buzz Aldrin

Our Mission

The space economy in Washington state is strong and growing. It is the foundation for a regional space economy in the Pacific Northwest. Yet for the region to thrive as it is destined to thrive, we are developing the ideas, technologies and workforce needed to bolster space commercialization for the benefit of all. 

We aim to strengthen and grow the space economy in the Pacific Northwest through:

  • Economic development activities, conference and meetings

  • Branding and marketing - telling the story of the region's space economy

  • Sharing the economic impact of the space industry in the region

  • Conducting media relations and public relations

  • Enable business-to-business activities

  • Enable and support business retention, growth and attraction

Events & Programs

Techstas Startup Weekend Space Seattle is a place to test the waters of space entrepreneurship

TSE logo-01.png

The Space Entrepreneurs is a Seattle-based meetup series for those focused on the business potential of space.


Space Data Hackers
is a monthly meetup series and
collective helping tech workers
interested in working with space-related
data products, datasets, and tools.


NASA Space Apps Challenge!

October 5-7 2024


Startup Weekend Logo - 4 lines_1.jpeg

About Space Northwest

Space Northwest connects, educates, and inspires individuals, corporations, and communities in the Pacific Northwest and beyond to foster space innovation and exploration for the benefit of life on Earth and our future in space.


Learn more at, or subscribe for occasional email reminders of our programs.


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